Loofah Slices


Our environmentally friendly, non-toxic loofah are great for a myriad of uses in the home. Pair them with one of our handmade soaps for a lovely, thoughtful gift, or do as we do and use them as quick drying soap dishes!

Use your loofah in one of the following ways to get the most out of it:
- As an environmentally friendly dish scrubber (pop it in the dishwasher for a clean every once in a while)
- As a soap dish (this really works! we do this ourselves here at Saponify HQ)
- As a vegetable scrubber (great for potatoes and other root vegetables)

Slices range from 5 - 7cm in diameter.

Check out our blog post here for more information about these wonderful little sponges. http://blog.saponify.com.au/2012/02/loofah-ultimate-soap-dish.html